I dare say the men would fight very well if properly officered, although they are an exceedingly dirty and nasty people

- General George Washington 1776

I am still having a problem with a strange Republican way of thinking. Their world is all about fear and hate — that has been well established during these terrible years. Fear efficient light bulbs, hate specific phrases or terms, such as “climate change.” Fear non-lily white skin tones, hate peace and love. I think you get the idea.

The most difficult combination of fear and hate going on now is mashed together with the love of a dictator, many dictators in real life, but one in particular. Fear Cuba, hate Obama and love the Ayatollah of Iran.

There is no other way to think of why they are so intent on destroying the on-going talks aimed at creating a 21st century country out of one that is a mix of middle ages and 20th century religion and politics.

Preventing another nuclear powered military, think India or Pakistan, is a wonderful goal. Putin aside, Iran could be a stabilizing force in the Middle East, without the bomb. But these nincompoops have such an overwhelming hatred of a black man in the White House that they dare to destroy any attempt to stabilize or neutralize a country desiring nuclear weapons. It’s pure insanity.

The greater question is to what degree they dare take America before we as a country shatter or these fools are either booted out of office or jailed for traitorous actions? That they continue the path of attempting to aid the “bomb, bomb, bomb Israel” faction within Iran, or other countries attempting to own at least one nuclear weapon, dirty ones included, places them clearly on the outside of humanity. But they do march on the path of hatred for Obama and drag themselves into the fire for it.

Such hatred does foment, leaving a boil on the face of America, and our country the shame of civilization. Oh, they need not fear any action right now. In fact they are heralded in their small minded districts, a shame on them. But, will they be attacked by voters in the future for their actions? We can only hope so.

– Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix Contributor

Benghazi – the Movie

Blue Bronc
I now remember why I love Colorado.  Sure there may be a three foot blizzard with twenty foot deep drifts.  It might be twenty below zero and the wind howling above one hundred miles per hour.  But, when it quiets down, all is peaceful and quiet. The air is so clear, you can see one hundred miles. The night stars are so bright and shiny; the cold popping out ice crystals which shimmer and gleam in the moonlight as they float in the sharp air.

Right now I am looking at a destroyed canopy, broken and filled with snow, blocking my path to the wood pile.  The snow looking like soggy white blankets covering and smothering all that is nature and man made in the backyard.  Out front, the American flag is wrapped on its pole, choked in white, twisted in agony from its struggle to stay flying in the winter hell.

There is only one good thing in the air, more Hillary and emails, and the magic word has appeared to save her from the Republican onslaught – Benghazi.  Oh the name evokes such visceral emotions (on one side of the aisle only).  Such a name.  Poor Benghazi, it has been placed into Republican infamy.  America has Pearl Harbor and 9-11.  Republicans have Benghazi.

As soon as I saw that the Republicans went to the Benghazi attack, I knew HRC was on the mend.  It is like the fool who has one hand on the bird, but hears another in the bush.  The fool lets the one in hand fly away and can’t grab the one in the bush due to a shield of Benghazi wrapping her delicate feathers in steel.

Benghazi, a wonderful script, written without understanding how stupid it makes the screamer.  When will the deaf hear the screams of “you are an idiot”?  How will they ever see the script ends with our heroine standing on the worms of the losers.  Are they zombies, stuck on one thought?  Oh, but for Benghazi, our ‘not a candidate’ candidate would be lost, leaving us with men to contemplate for the power seat.

Give me a home where the Benghazi roam.  Nah, too weighted with irony.

Imagine 80 year old Saint Ronnie, on the top of the Jefferson Memorial, over looking the Potomac, in his loin cloth, feet planted well. with one near the edge of the dome.  His arms rising slowly while his unwashed followers (okay maybe they wash in the shower too much) stare intently, waiting for the signal.  Reagan carefully makes a megaphone of his hands around his mouth.  His eyes dull from just awakening from his morning nap.  Desperate for the sound, his followers breathe slowly.  Then you hear it.  “BENGHAZIIIIIII” A roar erupts and shakes the Mall as those believers stamp their spears and shout back “HILLARY”.

Eh, It makes great visuals.

– Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix Contributor

Love My Country, Love My President or at least Respect his Office


To quote the usually unquotable Mr. Limbaugh: “Benjamin Netanyahu today was everything Barack Obama is not.”

It is obvious the Republican Senators and Representatives who gave the Israeli Prime Minister 22 standing ovations today but who sat on their hands recently during President Obama’s State of the Union address (rudely yelling “you lie” at an ealier SOTU) agree with him.

Juxtaposing their public SOTU snub with the blatant kowtow to another country’s spokesman in the same hall, one could easily question their loyalties and conclude that their behavior was not only disrespectful to the Office of President, this country’s duly elected leader, but to the country itself.

Rush, to a degree you are right that Bibi isn’t Obama. He isn’t a twice elected President of the United States.

PatD is Trail Mix Contributor

The past is never dead. It’s not even past.

– William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun

Blue Bronc

Slowing the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is the current mission.  Many more back to Iraq.  “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”.

The bad guys and girls are using the Internet and social media to advance their attacks on civilization.  The visuals are horrific; they know how to use social media to get the best results.  For some reason burning people alive is a recruiting tool too.

Today we have Americans and many others around the world aghast at what is now for them at the level of the Naziis in World War II (it is not).  Although other regimes were as murderous after WWII (and before), the only news about them came from total counts of the dead.  Now we get to see how the dead are killed.

Horrific and disturbing – yes.  But, it is also turning Americans from opposing a return to war in the Middle East to “we need to do something besides talking and bombing.”  Although you would be hard pressed to know if anything is actually happening on a daily basis to the bad guys, make an informed decision, due to censorship of real news from the combat zone

What all this has done is make me wonder what my fate, and that of many others, would have been in 1975.  Vietnam was a mess, ground troops were out, but we had a presence in the air and support.  The Viet Cong were taking over a lot of South Vietnam and executing those who had supported the Americans and the troops of other countries.  There was a lot of bloodshed and it was not kind.  The Viet Cong had a habit of stringing people up and then slicing them up for all to see.  They also held executions in plain view.

If the VC had the Internet would we have returned to Vietnam? I say a definitive “YES.”

As one who was in the plans to return, I can say the U.S. was ready to go.  President Ford and his military advisors, the Pentagon, and many Republicans were ready to authorize the return.  It was only the lack of political support that stopped the return.

If there had been a lot of public viewing of what was going on by the VC, Ford would have gone for the return.  Considering he wanted to, but only stopped because of political advisers, tells us a lot.  But, if the American public had seen the atrocities they would have supported a return, just as they are supporting a return to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The actions of Bush II continue to affect America and the rest of the world.  It is worth watching and listening to the Republicans talk about what is happening in the Middle East or West Asia to understand what they would do if they were emperor.  There is the possibility that the Republicans could hold the Congress, White House and Supreme Court.  That should scare the pants off most people.

– Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix contributor.

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime


“Finally, somebody is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq War.”  — Jon Stewart.

So, a news anchor is sentenced to six months suspension without pay for combat conflation, gets flak for lying about getting flak. See The Washington Post’s NBC suspends Brian Williams as its lead anchor for six months.

Trail Mixers, with that as the benchmark for penalizing Iraqi War prevarications, what punishments do you propose for Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Congress, Fox News and the various other provocateurs of the press?